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Daniel Pooran (Danny)

Deer Park, NY

Keeping up with my shape ups in between haircuts was something I loved to do and took pride in. Eventually that led me to having my friends let me do theirs. My first haircut was probably when I was in 7th to 8th grade with my friend's moms home clippers. Little did I know what I was doing they believed I did so I went with it. After this I took a personal interest in what my barber would do when he cut my hair for the blends to shape ups and machines being used. I had bought my own set up at the age 14 and was more than excited to put them to good use. My first skin fade though was prob the worst thing I have done in my life!! Lol. Throughout high school I use to do haircuts in my den and created a pretty dope set up and people were coming to me for cuts.

When I was 16 I started working in my first barbershop Profilez which built the backbone and foundation of skills and knowledge that I have today including obtaining my Master Barber License I was even cutting hours before my senior prom making sure everyone had haircuts! This took me throughout the ending of high school and through college both working and going to school full time where I ended up with my Masters in Business Administration. At the end of college, I was able to transition from working at Profilez to buying Picasso's Barbershop and revamping and renaming it All Style Studio. Built a solid foundation there and ended up selling the business and starting fresh with the already established name The Works Barbershop Corporation.

Here is where I was able to implement all my knowledge and skills that I learned through business, communication, schooling, and overall life experiences to develop a foundation that I strongly stand behind in running a successful business. The atmosphere is never dull, and we are always throwing in a little twist in our environment that stand out to our clients all the time. We are well known throughout our community and will continue to build a legacy for the name itself and will forever grow our business model and evolve with the changing times that we all know. Come on down you will not be disappointed.

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Anaise DeJesus (Ana)

Port Jefferson Station, NY

I received my Cosmetology license and started cutting hair in 2013. Within 4 years of waxing and doing both men and woman's hair, I came to realize that I did not enjoy doing women's hair and that I preferred cutting men. I then decided to go to barber school in February of 2017. In June of the same year, I began working at a barbershop in Deer Park which was also previously owned by Danny and two months later, in August I received my barber license. Not wanting to give up waxing, I decided to work at European wax center part time, to better my skills as wax specialist. After about a year there, I decided that I could continue my waxing in the barbershop and add it as a service, which thankfully has become extremely popular.

I have come to realize that both eyebrow shaping and barbering bring out my meticulous side. I think that is what I love most about the two. I enjoy being able to see and try to perfect my creations, whether it is the arch of an eyebrow or the blending of a fade, it is just a satisfying feeling for me... I guess that is just the Virgo in me, which would also explain why during any free time in the shop, you will probably find me cleaning/organizing something, anything. Either that or you will hear me yelling at my phone watching telanovelas.

During my free time out of the shop, I enjoy keeping active! I am no fitness freak, but I enjoy a nice run on my Monday's off. I love nature and being outdoors so spring, summer and beginning of fall are the best to me. I also really enjoy baking. Those brookies, cupcakes and other fun treats you see out during the holidays? That is me! I am all about trying new and fun recipes! I'm both Dominican and Puerto Rican so you know this Latina typically loves her rice, beans and chicken but being that Pinterest is my go-to for just about everything, I'm always able to find/try different recipes on there! I also use Pinterest to help me with ideas for the shop.

What's trending in the cosmo/barber world? What services can I add to my list? How do I do them? I just recently added lash lifting and tinting to my service list after having added eyebrow tinting to go with the shaping services and I am hoping it continues to bring in more female clientele to the shop. I would like to add eyebrow threading and braiding to my service list soon. The Works Barbershop to me is more than just a barbershop but a comforting and welcoming environment to absolutely everyone so as a barber who is also a licensed cosmetologist, I would like to be able to offer all the services that I can to welcome any and every one to my chair. Eventually, in the future, I would even like to carry along the name and welcome everyone into the next location of The Works Barbershop.

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Saul (The Guy W/ The Beard)

West Islip, NY

When I was 15 years old, my barber realized I was doing my own shape up on my chin strap and told me I should learn how to cut hair and I asked if he could teach me and from that day on I was in the shop everyday watching and learning and asking a bunch of questions. I have always enjoyed cutting hair and watching people react to the transformation they saw created right before their eyes, that has always been one of the best parts of cutting hair.

My favorite thing to do while cutting hair is always listening to good music to keep the vibe flowing or a good movie, and also having good laughs with other barbers in the shop because that gets the customers and clients involved and always creates that family atmosphere that everyone can laugh with.

When I am not cutting hair, I am usually working on my minibike or trying to build or fix something or going upstate with my girl and her son to ride our quads and go hunting for old school antiques.

I have been cutting hair for 15+ yrs. I have tried other career paths but was always cutting hair on my down time and always came back to cutting hair full time. It’s one of those careers where you can control your hours to a certain extent but if you take too much time off you will end up losing clients/customers so you need to be diligent and have a good work ethic to really make it in this industry, you only get what you put into this type of business.

I have been cutting hair in Deer Park for almost 10 years and I love everything about Deer Park! It is so diverse but also so much respect across every nationality. The owner Daniel Pooran of The Works Barbershop is very involved in the community and that gives us a great opportunity to go to events around the neighborhood and help out and show everyone we care about the community as much as we can.

One day I would love to end up owning my own barbershop in upstate New York. Nothing to big but enough to have a few barbers providing a traditional style of atmosphere and appearance with a little mix of old school and new school.

Edwin Tejada (Eddie)

North Babylon, NY

When I was young, I was very artistic & really enjoyed arts & crafts. When I got into my teen years, I rediscovered my love for arts & crafts through barbering & became obsessed with the game ever since. I love how there is an endless number of things to learn with barbering from the technical skills to the social skills. It has taught me countless valuable lessons I can use in other aspects of life and has taught me so many new skills as well.

My favorite thing to do when cutting is paying attention to perfecting every little detail. My hobbies outside of work and things I love are fitness and vegan food. I love making people feel like a new person in a positive way and look fresh and clean. My goals and future in barbering is to keep perfecting my craft and own a barbershop.

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Amanda Muxo (Mandy)

Commack, NY

I have always had a love for hair in combination with making people feel awesome about themselves. I welcome men and woman of all ages. I am a very well-rounded stylist varying in different services that include, cutting, coloring, Keratins, braiding and eyelashes. I have attended multiple hair events including International Beauty Show in NYC, Matrix Destination in Florida, Connecticut Barber Expo, multiple cutting and color classes in the city and all over the island. Participated in The Deer Park Fall Festival as well as Octoberfest in Huntington, NY. Showcasing what me and my team do and why we love it. My main goal is to build relationships with everyone so that they can feel comfortable enough to trust what I do, and to recommend me if the time comes.

The best part about cutting is when a new client walks in, and they happen to seem skeptical about a female cutting their hair. I try to make them feel comfortable enough to get them in my chair. And when I finish, and they say they are impressed. That is what makes me the happiest. You cannot always judge a book by its cover. A woman can always do a man’s job, we just happen to look better doing it. And because I have an extensive background in women’s hair, gives me the confidence I need to make a men’s cut come out just as perfect. I enjoy participating in community events such as St. Baldricks, and The May Moore fundraiser. It enables the community I work for to understand what I do. And allows for those important relationships to grow. Networking with those around you is an especially important asset to receive a base clientele.

In my future I hope to open my own Salon/Barbershop. I already have the vision down to the crown molding as to what it looks like. I also would like to create a fundraiser that helps women and men who are looking for work, dress them for the part and create an environment that can be inspiring for them to look forward to. I know I was put on this planet to make people smile. And that is just what I am going to do. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my close friends and family. Movies, bowling, going to dinner. My favorite foods are Gyros, ove me some Gyros.

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Jeremy Tinoco

Deer Park, NY

I started cutting at the age of fourteen not knowing how to do any kind of cut. It was about four months into cutting I found myself at a barbershop with a strong eager to learn how to do a proper haircut. When I reached turned seventeen, I had my apprentice license and disinfecting course done and was ready to cut hair. Now I am a proud barber cutting at The Works Barbershop alongside my fellow barbers. My favorite thing to do when cutting is getting to know my client and paying attention to detail. One of my outside of work hobbies is cars and my favorite things to do is spend time with siblings and family. The reason behind why I love cutting hair is the clients and the workspace I am in its such and great atmosphere to be in an such good energy to be around and the deer park community is fantastic. One of my main goals is to be big in barbering world and go above and beyond barbering.

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Nick Sepe

West Islip, NY

I have been cutting hair most of my life. I am all about what the customer wants, but I also will recommend what would work/fit you best. I always like to talk and listen so hopefully we all learn something new for the day. Once I get to know you, I will crack jokes at you, and I expect the same I return lol. When you sit in my chair, I want the best experience I can possibly give for you.

I like too bust chops/crack jokes, and talk about sports mainly baseball (Go Yanks!). I like to do anything outdoors, I like to cook, and spend time with family and friends. I love the relationships you build being in the industry. It makes going to work more fun. I also love the transformation you give to people to boost their mood and make them feel like a million bucks! My goal is to keep growing as not only a barber, but as a person and become better than I was yesterday.

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The Works Barbershop is one of the newest barbershops located right in the heart of Deer Park, New York. Stop in and get the haircut you and your family deserve by one of our professional licensed barbers. Appointments are recommended but walk ins are always welcomed.

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